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Scenic Drive Petition Updates and News page

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Bilambil residents are being impacted by the ongoing closure of Scenic Drive due to storm damage. The Tweed Shire Council (TSC) says fixing this road could take 12 months, but in the view of rate payers and residents who rely on this road, it is essential it’s given urgent priority.

Comments on facebook group (Bilambil Grapevine) and this website indicate primary concerns of the community include:

  • Safety due to extended response times of emergency services
  • Safety due to deteriorating condition of alternative route – Bilambil and Terranora Roads and people externalizing their frustrations in the way they drive (tailgating/dangerous driving)
  • Additional cost being time and money and wear and tear on vehicles
  • Difficulty accessing other services including shopping, medical, schools etc
  • Lack of stakeholder engagement – residents are not kept up to date with TSC remediation activities. NOTE: this appears across the board for all road/flood issues in Tweed region

The petition closes on C.O.B 17th May 2022 and will be submitted to council for inclusion in 19th May 2022 meeting. If the submission is rejected by council, we will leave the petition open for further signature collection and resubmittal to MP Provest by 31 st May 2022.

Recent News

17/05/2022: Noticed potholes being filled on parts of Bilambil Road near the primary school.

16/05/2022: Great news in fact,

TSC updated their website with information specifically on Scenic drive on 11/05/2022. This indicates that council understand one of our concerns – lack of stakeholder engagement.

TSC media release 11/05/2022. Click image to view on TSC website

Older news

12/05/2022 via email: Petition submitted to TSC and phone conversation with Maree Morgan (Senior Administration Officer – Governance). Maree advised submission cannot be accepted because it does not include addresses of signatories. Ecerpt of email below:

This email is to advise that Council has received your petition, however, is unable to process it as it does not contain address details of the signatories.

For your information, details in relation to Petitions can be located on Council’s webpage at under the “Be Involved” heading, which takes you to the adopted Code of Meeting Practice Policy link. In this Policy it states:
“3.27 A petition can be presented to Council in writing (other than pencil), or in electronic form.

Petitions are assessed against the criteria listed in clause 3.28 of the Code of Meeting Practice.

3.28 Petitions submitted to council must include:
• a clear and concise statement covering the subject matter of the petition. The statement should state what action petitioners want Council to take; and
• the name, address and signature or email address in the case of electronic petitions of any person supporting the petition.
3.29 To qualify as a ‘petition’ there must be at least twenty (20) signatories or names (in the case of an electronic petition). The signatories or names, as applicable, must be residents or ratepayers of the Tweed Shire.
3.30 The petition must contain the name, address and contact details of the main petition contact. This is the person Council will contact to explain how Council will respond to the petition. If no contact person is identified Council will assume the first signatory or email address to the petition is the main petition contact. “
Whilst Council understands the disruption that this road closure has caused to the Bilambil Heights community, including businesses that operate from the area. the detour via Terranora remains the only viable option for traffic until the road is able to be reopened. We acknowledge that this route has congestion issues, particularly around the schools at peak times and we will monitor the situation. Council staff will endeavour to keep the community informed of our progress on the Scenic Drive repairs.


Maree Morgan | Senior Administration Officer – Governance
Corporate Governance

I noted to Maree that while TSC calls a petition “community engagement”, every other council in (that I looked at) calls it a petition and includes extensive information on their websites to petition their council and that TSC could improve on this.


03/04/2022 via email: copy of flyer received which confirmed 12 months before road repairs will be completed. I canvassed several households on Broadwater Esp and confirmed that no one else has received the flyer. Flyer posted on this website click here.

Replied all to Stephens email (new council addition Michelle Bernabe-Salazer) advising of above and reiterated concerns residents have. See below for transcript.

Hi Stephen. Decided to go for a walk to my neighbours on Broadwater esplanade tonight. I’ve spoken with 10 other households and received 100% failure of this flyer reaching them – none of them have seen it and feedback is consistent as stated that residents are not aware of councils plans or activities to remedy scenic drive.

Hope that helps

02/04/2022 @ 1621 via phone: Discussed with Stephen several points of residents concern – lack of community engagement, 12 month delay until repairs, impacts and cost to residents while this road is closed.
Stephen advised that community has been sent a flyer via regular mail advising them of council actions and said flyer is installed at the Top Shop – noted that I have not seen a flyer from council in my mail, requested a copy via email.

28/04/2022 @ 12:00 via phone: Contact with council to understand reasons works to scenic drive has been delayed (floods occurred almost 2 months to date).
Nicky (receptionist??) advised message has been left with Steve Paff (senior engineer Roads and Water section) who will return my call within 2 business days as per TSC policy.