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Scenic Drive Petition

Please help us petition our local council (TSC). So far we have 207 signatures.

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The petition closes on C.O.B 17th May 2022 and will be submitted to council for inclusion in 19th May 2022 meeting. If the submission is rejected by council, we will leave the petition open for further signature collection and resubmittal to MP Provest by 31 st May 2022.

Our website accepts comments, all comments here and Facebook may be included with submissions to the Minister if considered relevant.

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from Don’t put people’s lives at risk! | Tweed Shire Council (

Bilambil residents are being impacted by the ongoing closure of Scenic Drive due to storm damage. The Tweed Shire Council (TSC) says fixing this road could take 12 months, but in the view of rate payers and residents who rely on this road, it is essential its given urgent priority.

Residents in Bilambil reported hearing the army offered to help but was turned away because the road isn’t a state road, “just” a local road. Just shameful TSC for allowing bureaucracy to inconvenience your rate payers!

According to Tweed Shire Council; Specialist engineers are on the ground and geotechnical investigations are underway to assess the safety of the landslips and inform the design and construction of repairs.

We urge the TSC to expedite its repair. The closure is inconveniencing residents who rely on it daily and most importantly extending response times of essential services including police, ambulance/medical and fire.

The alternative route into Bilambil through Terranora adds roughly 30 minutes drive time – delaying emergency services, adding transport costs (and increasing greenhouse emissions) and impacts businesses in the area.

Expedite Scenic Drive Repairs Bilambil Heights

This petition is now closed.

End date: May 29, 2022

Signatures collected: 207

Signature goal: 20

207 signatures

Things to know

  • The petition is being coordinated by local residents (in Bilambil Heights)
  • Our only aim is to petition the TSC to urgently remedy Scenic Drive
  • We must collect your email and address to submit this petition. Once the petition is formally submitted to TSC, your email address will be used only to advice you of the TSC response to this petition
  • This petition will be submitted on 17th May 2022. for inclusion to councils 19th May 2022 meeting
  • For this petition to be accepted by council, we must include your residential and email address
  • Once TSC tables this petition, we WILL delete all your contact details from our server and will not keep data or use in any way contrary to this petition.
  • We expect that TSC will use its own council communications to maintain contact with its residents
  • This page is open to comments – please feel free to share your experience with others. All comments will be moderated (sorry, just the ways of the world at mo)

12 thoughts on “Scenic Drive Petition

  1. These are the comments from the original petition page:

    News and updates to our petition are here

    Geoff says:
    MAY 12, 2022 AT 5:50 AM EDIT
    If this had happened anywhere else in country it would be fixed by now. TSC are about as reliable as a third world government!

    Terry Sayer says:
    MAY 12, 2022 AT 6:44 AM EDIT
    Did not receive flyer

    Erich Thill says:
    MAY 12, 2022 AT 12:25 PM EDIT
    The fact work hasnt commenced is a disgrace, how on earth can 5 suburbs dependant on this road function with this delay in fixing Scenic drive
    Night Repair work on Terranora rd and Bilambil rd is essential on dangerous potholes due to massively heightened traffic as a result of Scenic drive closure.

    Sasha says:
    MAY 12, 2022 AT 6:46 AM EDIT
    My husband works in Brisbane and we are Bilambil Heights residents, this is a significant time and price rise for us not having this road fixed!

    I worry about his safety all the time now having to drive the extra distance and his fatigue working such long hours. I don’t see how fixing this main road into Bilambil Heights isn’t a priority?

    Since the back way through Terranora is our only way in and out, the road is an absolute mess always having to dodge potholes! Why is this not kept on top of?

    Something needs to be done it’s just ridiculous!

    Karen says:
    MAY 12, 2022 AT 6:46 AM EDIT
    The delay of these repairs is not acceptable. Other major collapsed roads like this were fixed immediately by other council areas & they served a less dense population than all those families suffering due to the collapse of scenic drive. Tweed shire council need to put this as a priority, it should already be fixed! & is putting our council residents in extreme danger with all the excess population on Terranora road, a road which is not suitable or designed safely for this many cars! Due to the unwarranted delay & lack of repairs to scenic drive, the increased amount of cars on Terranora road is extremely dangerous & the cause of many future accidents with cars right up the backside of local residents who are trying to turn into their driveways & roads leading off Terranora rd. I for one have merely escaped many collisions! Terranora can not safely cater for all these cars, servicing 2 schools, no fixed school crossings in place for our children! No walking pathways to school for our children! No turning lanes into streets leading off Terranora road! To ease traffic flow & avoid collisions…& no temporary slower road signs in place to cater for all homes that have direct acres to their driveways from Terranora road.
    We pay plenty of high council rates in Terranora & bilambil, council should be onto these fixes immediately for the safety of its local residents, there’s no excuse! If other councils can manage to do major repairs swiftly straight after the floods…which are worse than this & service a lessor denser population, than you (tweed shire council ) can too! It needs to be on the priority list & repaired now! No excuses.

    Erich Thill says:
    MAY 12, 2022 AT 12:28 PM EDIT
    I echo every word you have written!
    This is verging upon a civil suit.

    Adele says:
    MAY 12, 2022 AT 8:06 AM EDIT
    Stop paying rates and they will do something about it, what are we paying our rates for….

    Leanne says:
    MAY 12, 2022 AT 8:59 AM EDIT
    TSC are a joke! Why do we now have to wait for them to release to tender and then wait till June for the tender to close. Do some overtime and get the tender out yesterday! Dr’s, nurses, aged care workers can all work double shifts, perhaps council can stay back a few hours and get the tender done.
    Why was army help rejected? Why haven’t are rates reduced? Clearly we are not being provided with a road that we pay for so why should we pay for this?
    Will council reimburse us for wheel damage, wheel alignments when there is no where to go and you have to hit the huge pot holes that we face everyday.
    Will council reimburse us for petrol costs? Is it going to take someone to die on this road for council to start paying attention. How many more accidents will we see?
    The frustration is real and for them to say be patient is a joke. They do not understand what is residents are going through because if the mayor or councillors had to drive that road everyday, pay for their own car and petrol, it would have already been fixed.
    Give us back our road. If you can’t , give it to someone who can not in 12 months but NOW!

    Lee Erba says:
    MAY 13, 2022 AT 10:09 AM EDIT
    Well said, there is a lot of frustrated rate paying residents on the ‘hill’.

    If the reports about the army offering to help are accurate and offer refused this is just UNACCEPTABLE

    Mark says:
    MAY 12, 2022 AT 11:26 AM EDIT
    How about a reduction in rates for the next 12 months to cover the extra petrol Bilambil Heights residents like me are burning going via Terranora?

    Erich Thill says:
    MAY 12, 2022 AT 12:31 PM EDIT
    The damage on our cars is already significant.
    There isnt even sufficient lighting to assist us seeing deadly potholes

    Mel says:
    MAY 12, 2022 AT 12:55 PM EDIT
    I am extremely frustrated at the length of time suggested for the fix of Scenic Drive. I do several trips a day out of Bilambil Heights to Tweed Heads and it is costing me a fortune in petrol & time. My first trip is at 5:30am in the morning when it is dark and very scary due to all of the pot holes with new ones appearing daily. I worry for my safety every trip as well as the safety of the other 3 x other working people that live in my house It takes an extra 20 minutes to get anywhere and an extra 20 minutes to get home. With $21 allocated to roads from every $100 charged on my land rates I want to know why we are still being charged full rates. If it really is going to take 12 or more months to fix the road why isnt Council offering Bilambil Residents fuel vouchers to compensate for the extra petrol being spent & extra wear and tear on our cars??? Maybe a $50 voucher per week per driver to all residents in Bilambil Heights. In all honesty, $50 a week wouldnt even scratch the surface on my weekly fuel bill but it would help. Things are hard enough for many families as it is without this extra expense. I am fed up with my anxiety levels at an all time high. I pray daily that no one on this hill requires urgent medical help as emergency services will take way too long to get here without the use of Scenic Drive. I feel like we are all sitting ducks and 12 months from when it actually starts to be fixed is a ridiculous and unacceptable time frame. If the tender closes at the end of June it probably wont even start to be repaired until sometime in July. That is not good enough TSC.

    K Hobbs says:
    MAY 12, 2022 AT 1:34 PM EDIT
    I am absolutely horrified to have seen the route my family have to use to commute every day on. This road is incredibly dangerous for the residents of Bilambil. This needs immediate attention to have Scenic Drive fixed! Please don’t wait until there is a fatality!

    Angela says:
    MAY 12, 2022 AT 6:31 PM EDIT
    I am appalled they say they sent a flyer. We have never received any flyer.
    I would like to see weekly regular updates.
    The Tweed Shire was declared a national disaster due to floods wasn’t it? If so there should be federal funding available easily to fix the road.
    More communication would be a good start.

    1. S . Ferguson says:

      Why can’t council put a temporary rd at the bottom of Broadwater that runs along the river and out to kennedy drive they could have a stop go light one way at least we could have easier access to get down from the hill.

      1. I’ve heard some or all of that might be private property but also, it really wouldn’t be good for driving on – my thoughts only

  2. Brian Hermes says:

    All comments put forward are very accurate and appropriate. BUT AS USUAL ALL CONTACT WITH TSC FALLS AGAINST DEAF EARS.

    1. We have other avenues if TSC fails us but we have to follow the process – TSC are ultimately responsible for its road/infrastructure but they also answer to a higher power – the. minister.

  3. Gordon Sharman says:

    It is only a matter of time before the alternative route through Terranoa causes more accidents, due to the increased usage and significant amount of pot holes.

    We need this fixed, any legal guidance on if we can have our rates diverted to this cause?

  4. Stella carr says:

    You bet if a councillor lived up here it would have been fixed already. This is absolutely disgraceful. I for one would happily contribute to a class action to force this shower at TSC to do what they should be doing without being forced. Are there any lawyers out there who can help?

    1. shown on the website but is the 19th (2 days time). I’m keen on showing up – I might add that to the FB group post shortly

  5. Cindy Miceli says:

    It is not just the Bilambil Heights people who are struggling. I come out of Beltana Drive several times a day. It was bad before now it’s a death trap with cars flying down the hill non-stop and only 50m of vision before they hit you. I have to listen out for cars now as it gives me another few seconds to get out. There has already been one accident involving a caravan being rear-ended on the bridge.

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